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Meet Hector

Meet Hector. Hector is an integrated platform dedicated to data science for international business. Hosted by HEC Montreal, Hector relies on the R programming language. Hence, HECtoR.


This platform is inspired by several projects, such as Mondo.international (CIRANO), the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (Harvard University), the DH Box (CUNY), SageMathCloud or the IBM Data Scientist Workbench (IBM).

It provides access to up-to-date international data as well as the tools to contextualize and interpret them. Through Hector, statistics, econometrics and cartography are combined to tackle research questions regarding globalization, cluster-based policies and international business.

Research replication is the basis of our approach. With the Hector and the R programming language, students, researchers and professionals can visualize data, create maps to understand their studies and do complex econometry on the fly.

Our datasources are multiple in order to answer each question. On the macro level, we collect information for the World Bank, UNIDO or the European Commission. On a meso level, we have gathered a unique database of industrial clusters. On the micro level, we consider each city, each firm and each bit extracted from social media. Hector leverages data science tools to apprehend our data rich environment.

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